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  1. 把字帖及圖案帖上喜歡的文字和圖案描繪於牛油紙上,組合出想要的卡片設計。

  2. 在卡片正面放上複寫紙(顏色面向下),再把畫好的牛油紙放於複寫紙上。

  3. 重新把牛油紙上的設計描繪一次,利用複寫紙把設計印在卡片上。

  4. 在奶油黏土的裱花袋前端平剪約1mm的開口。

  5. 跟着卡片上的線條,擠上奶油土。

  6. 奶油黏土會於數小時乾透,如線條較粗則需較長時間,建議放一晚待乾。

  7. 奶油黏土乾透後寫好卡片,放進信封中,並用附送的貼紙封口,完成!







1. On parchment paper, trace desire patterns and wordings from the templates.

2. Place carbon paper (color side down), and the drawn parchment paper on blank card

3. Trace again the design on parchment paper.

4. Cut the tip of the piping bag for a 1mm opening

*May cut it larger if you want thicker lines.

*If cut too much, you may cut the opening to>1cm, place the clay w/ bag in a new piping bag, and try again.

5. Pipe cream clay along the design on card.

6. Wait a few hours until dry, wait overnight for thicker line. 

*Card may bend due to the moisture from clay, and shall flatten when fully dried.

7. Write, pack, seal, and it’s DONE!

Storing Cream Clay

When finish using, squeeze the front bit of clay out of the piping bag, push the rest of clay to the back of  bag, and put it in a zip lock bag. Store it a cool place and avoid direct sunlight. Please use up as soon as possible.

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